Breast Cancer Treatment – Life after breast cancer

Living Life After Breast Cancer

Life after breast cancer is returning to some same things and also making some new choices. Many women are relieved or excited to finished with breast cancer treatment. But it can also be a thing to worry for women who fear their cancer could come back.

Changes to your body after surgery

Many women have surgery as part of their treatment. The first time you look at your body after the surgeries then it can be difficult. After surgery your breast or chest area is likely to be bruised and swollen, but this is get better as the time passes.

For some women, surgery doesn’t affect how they feel about themselves, but many women find the changes to be  more difficult to accept. Your confidence can get affected and you may feel unattractive. Some women incomplete.

Hair fall can be a major side effect of chemotherapy. Your hair may be an important part of how you feel about yourself and losing your hair can affect your confidence.

Hair loss is almost always temporary and hair usually starts to grow again once chemotherapy has finished.

Emotions and Breast Cancer

Emotional issues can take place after treatment as well. For example, you will most probably be concerned that the cancer might come back again. You are aware of the effects that cancer had on your family, friends, and career.  Some issues might take place and also cause concern.

Pregnancy After Breast Cancer

Many women are also able to become pregnant after their treatment. However, some treatments can make it difficult to get pregnant. If you think that you want to have children, or just you want to keep your options open, the best time to talk to your doctor about fertility is before you start your breast cancer treatment.

Breast cancer is most common in old women. But if you are a younger woman who has had breast cancer, you might have some questions about how breast cancer could affect your to have children or if there are any extra risks.

Second Cancers After Breast Cancer

Women who have had breast cancer can also get other cancers, although most of them don’t get cancer again. Breast cancer survivors are at higher risk for getting another breast cancer again, as well as some other types of cancer. Certain things for staying as healthy as possible include eating right, getting regular exercise, staying away from tobacco.

Breast cancer survivors can be affected by a large number of health problems, but often a big concern is facing cancer again. Cancer that comes back even after treatment is called a recurrence. But some women develop a new, unrelated cancer later. This is called as second cancer.

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