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Oncologist And Surgical Oncologist in Pune - Dr. Snita Sinukumar

Dr. Snita Sinukumar, a trailblazing figure in the field of surgical oncology in Pune, holds the prestigious distinction of being the first female cancer surgeon with an MCh degree. Her academic journey commenced with the completion of an MBBS at Topiwala National Medical College, Nair Hospital. Subsequently, she earned her MS in General Surgery from BJ Medical College and Sassoon Hospital, Pune, where her exceptional academic performance earned her the esteemed B.Braun award for ‘Meritorious Student’ in General Surgery during the 2006–2007 academic year.

Determined to excel in the specialized domain of surgical oncology, Dr. Snita pursued and successfully completed her MCh training and obtained the degree from the renowned Tata Memorial Hospital. To further enhance her expertise, she underwent fellowship training at the European School of Peritoneal Surface Oncology (ESPSO) under the guidance of IRCC Fondazione and the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy.

Dr. Snita Sinukumar’s commitment to advancing the field is evident in her numerous publications featured in both national and international journals. Her research interests prominently include women’s cancer, with a specific focus on gynecological oncology, peritoneal surface malignancy, and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).

As a pioneer in surgical oncology in Pune, Dr. Snita Sinukumar is the first lady surgeon with an MCh degree, standing as a beacon of excellence. Her impressive academic background, coupled with specialized training and a passion for women’s health, underscores her commitment to making a significant impact in the realm of oncology in Pune. With a dedication to cutting-edge medical advancements and compassionate patient care, she continues to contribute to the advancement of surgical oncology in Pune.

  • Mch. Surgical Oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
  • MS. General Surgery from B.J. Medical College, Pune.
  • M.B.B.S from Topiwala National Medical College B.Y.L Nair Hospital, Mumbai.
  • ESPSO fellowship in peritoneal surface malignancy and HIPEC From National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy and Krakenhaus Barmherzige Bruder, Regensburg,  Germany.
  • Awarded The ‘3rd Surabhi Nag Research Awards 2018’ , with a Grant of Rs 600,000/- for the clinical Proposal Entitled:’Total Parietal peritonectomyvs selective parietal peritonectomy in patients with advanced ovarian cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
  • Best Poster at PSOGI, Paris, Sept 2018: Failure-to-Rescue Following Cytoreductive Surgery with or Without HIPEC is Determined by the Type of Complication—a Retrospective Study by INDEPSO
  • Won the Award for Outstanding Paper for ” A Comparative study between prolene mesh and indegenous moquito net for inguinal hernia repair ” at the 52nd Annual Conference of the International College of Surgeons – Indian section held at Cidade Goa on 7th Oct – 2006.
  • Won the Ratan Tata Scholarship for the Academic Year 2006 – 2007
  • Won the B.Braun Award for “Meritorius Student” ( Category:Student ) for the academic year 2006 – 2007.
  • Skillfully performed more than 100 cancer surgeries on various subsites.
  • Contributed to several PubMed indexed articles, and presented at national and international conferences, enumerating a few below:
  • Case Report: Sporadic Giant Mesentric Fibromatosis – A case report, Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology Sep – 2014;5;242-245. Dr. Snita Sinukumar, Rachel M. Gomes, Rajiv Kumar, Ashwin D’souza and Avanish Saklani.
  • Original Paper: Clinical Outcome of patients with complete pathological response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for locally rectal cancers – The Indian Scenario Gastroenterology Research and practice. vol 2014, Article ID 867841. Dr. Snita Sinukumar, Dr. Prachi Patil, Dr. Reena Engineer, Dr. Ashwin D’souza, Dr. Avanish Saklani.
  • Original Paper: Impact of type of surgery (laproscopic vs open) on the time to initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy in operable rectal cancers Indian Journal of Gastroenterology DOI:10.1007/s12664-015-0579 Dr. Snita Sinukumar, Dr. Shaesta Mehta, Dr. Vikas Ostwal, Dr. Sudhir Jatal, Dr. Avanish Saklani.
  • Review Article: Harmful effects of Nicotine. Dr. Aseem Mishra, Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, Dr. Sourav Datta, Dr. Snita Sinukumar, Dr. Poonam Joshi, Dr. Apurva Garg. Indian Journal of Medical and Pediatric Oncology.
  • Original Paper: Initial experience with Lateral Pelvic lymph node dissection in locally advanced rectal cancers – A Pilot Study. Dr. Snita Sinukumar, Dr. Reena Engineer, Dr. Avanish Saklani. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology.
  • Poster Presentation: At the DDF, London, U.K. – 2015.
  • Poster of Distinction: Clinical outcomes of patients undergoing Laparoscopic Vs Open surgery for rectal cancers. she is also perform Surgical Oncology in Pune.
  • To provide quality care in the field of Surgical oncology with special interest in women’s cancer care, Head, Neck and GI oncology.
  • Initiating academic and teaching programmes, creating cancer awareness and cancer prevention programmes.
  • Original Article: Total Parietal Peritonectomy Can Be Performed with Acceptable Morbidity for Patients with Advanced Ovarian Cancer After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Results From a Prospective Multi-centric Study, Aug 2020, Annals of Surgical Oncology
    Aditi Bhatt, Praveen Kammar, Snita Sinukumar, Loma Parikh, Nutan Jumale and Sanket Mehta.
  • Case Report: Pancreaticopleural Fistula After Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC for Pseudomyxoma Peritonei—a Rare Presentation and Rare Complication. June 2020. Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology
    Snita Sinukumar , Shailesh Naik, Devarthi Kurjekar and Yadav Munde.
  • Original Article: A comparison of outcomes following total and selective peritonectomy performed at the time of interval cytoreductive surgery for advanced serous epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer – A study by INDEPSO, Feb 2019. European Journal of Surgical Oncology
    Snita Sinukumar, Firoz Rajan, Shabber Zaveri, Dileep Damodaran, Sanket Mehta, Aditi Bhatt.
  • Original Article: Failure-to-Rescue Following Cytoreductive Surgery with or Without HIPEC is Determined by the Type of Complication—a Retrospective Study by INDEPSO, Jan 2019, Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology
    Snita Sinukumar, Sanket Mehta, Dileep Damodaran, Aditi Bhatt.
  • Original Article: Impact of Radicality Versus Timing of Surgery in Patients with Advanced Ovarian Cancer (Stage III C) Undergoing CRS and HIPEC—a Retrospective Study by INDEPSO
    January 2019 ,Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology
    Aditti Bhatt, Snita Sinukumar, Firoz Rajan,Dileep Damodaran, MD Ray, Shabber Zaveri, Praveen Kammar and Sanket Mehta.
  • Original Article: Patterns of pathological response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and its clinical implications in patients undergoing interval cytoreductive surgery for advanced serous epithelial ovarian cancer- A study by the Indian Network for Development of Peritoneal Surface Oncology (INDEPSO), Jan 2019 ,European Journal of Surgical Oncology
    Aditi Bhatt, Snita Sinukumar, Sanket Mehta, Dileep Damodaran, Firoz Rajan
  • Original Article: Improved Survival with cytoreductive surgery, total parietal peritonectomy and hyperthermicintraperitoneal chemotherapy for serous papillary peritoneal carcinoma- Largest single institute experience.
    Marcello Deraco, Snita Sinukumar, Shigeki Kusamura, Eran Nizri, Vinay S, Rosa M, Marcello Guaglio and Dario Baratti.
  • Original Article: Multicystic mesothelioma: Operative and long-term outcomes with cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intra peritoneal chemotherapy.March 2018,European Journal of Surgical Oncology.
    EranNizri, Shigeki Kusamura , Snita Sinukumar, Marcello Guaglio ,Dario Baratti and Marcello Deraco.
  • Original Article: Clinical Surveillance After Macroscopically Complete Surgery for Low-Grade Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasms (LAMN) with or Without Limited Peritoneal Spread: Long-Term Results in a Prospective Series, Jan 2018, Annals of Surgical Oncology Snita Sinukumar, Marcello Guaglio, Shigeki Kusamura, Baratti Dario, Marcello Deraco.
  • Original Article: Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC in the First-Line and Interval Time Points of Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer .December 2017 Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology.
    Shigeki Kusamura, Snita Sinukumar, Marcello Guaglio,Baratti Dario, Marcello Deraco
  • Original Article: Germline Testing for Predisposition to Breast/Ovarian Cancer Should Only be Offered to Selected Patients with Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, Indian J GynecolOncolog (2017) 15(Suppl 1): 31
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  • Treading the beaten path with old and new obstacles: a report from the Indian HIPEC registry. October 2018,International Journal of Hyperthermia
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