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My Endometrial Carcinoma - Mrs. Vaishali Desai

I was dignoised with Endomerial Carcinoma Grade 1. Being new in Pune, having moved from Mumbai, I was really confused as to which Oncologist to consult for further treatment. My young friend suggested me to approach Dr. Snita Sinukumar, who is a Cancer specialist who is attached to Jehangir Hospital. My friend assured me that she is one of the best Cancer specialist in Pune, though new in this city. She has right credentials & experience of work in one of the biggest Cancer Hospital in Mumbai- Tata Cancer Hospital.
I approached Dr. Snita Sinukumar with an appointment in Jehangir. I was very pleased with her pleasant personality & sweet nature. She carefully went through all the reports & told me that since my report showed grade 1 cancer – which was contained to just a small area,  total hysterectomy is the best solution.
I chose to trust her completely & handed myself to her! Dr.Snita took charge from then onwards & planned everything. The best part is that , that Dr.Snita leaves nothing to her assistants & takes care of every little thing about her patients. She can be approached any time of the day or night. I felt so comfortable being her patient that I always asked her lots of questions about my ailment & the treatment & she was always ready with the answers with a smile on her face! She is a gem of a person & an expert doctor!
I would recommend Dr.Snita Sinukumar ‘s name to them, who are looking for an Oncologist in Pune.
My best wishes & blessings to Dr. Snita who treated me so well & gave me new lease of life!

Mrs. Surabhi Mahajan

I am glad and thankful to God for having met Dr. Snita Sinukumar , for my Early Stage Breast Cancer Treatment. I call her a “Subject Matter Expert”, for being so thorough and clear in planning the entire treatment. Your trust in a doctor develops and grows if they give you confidence & positivity and Dr. Snita truly possesses this virtue. Her personal rapport and ‘being available’ always makes her a great person. I wish her success and achievement of greater heights.

Mrs. Tina Kakkar

Dr. Snita Sinukumar is a young confident dynamic doctor , not only her competent hands treat her patients but her golden heart heals them – a quality lacking in this professional world. She is a healer not just a doctor . A blessing to this humanity . Gratitude and regards.

Mrs. Sadhana Sharma

First of all a big thanks and gratitude to Dr. Snita Sinukumar. She treated my mother with  utmost care,  and empathy during our visits. She has given personalized service and goes out of her way to solve the problem and used all of her contacts and knowledge to offer multiple and best solutions. I would highly recommend Dr. Snita to anyone!

Experience about my wife's surgery - Mr. Sikandar Jamadar

Dear Madam, I am extremely thankful to you & your fellow doctors (special mention Dr Patil), nurses & all the support staff members who did my wife’s difficult surgery  on 8th July 2016 at Jehangir Hospital Pune.   Actually I was very worried to know about oncological problem & my was not given any idea about it. But you just released our tension in our first meeting with Dr Vandana Khajino Madam’s. Cabin, by explaining such a complex issue in a very simplified way, that too within just 5 minutes only..  Really the word ‘thanks” is not enough too express our feelings about you and your so  friendliness.. Anybody who  is intimated about cancer surgery, he/ she got tremendous fear , but the your friendly manner takes patient totally tension free and fearless.

Really you are doing. Great service to humanity and building courage among cancer patients & their relatives, it is really a great job and we are really feel proud to meet a surgeon who is really a great person, a friend, nice human and all time fresh, happy & caring doctor.   We really feel very good to know your thoughts that the patient & her relatives must know all the facts and figures about the treatment.

We had really nice experience  at Jehangir Hospital pretty & post surgery of my wife Shabnam And thank you again and again.    We wish you a great future in your career and Happy life.

A Big Thanks To The Great Soul..! - Mrs. Ekta Nikam

It has been a year today since I and my family met Dr. Snita Sinukumar for my father’s cancer treatment. The thought of hospitalization is actually scary..but..caring doctors like Dr. Snita makes it friendly and comfortable. Moreover a doctor I value the fact that she is always available to help the patients in all possible ways..we are thankful to her..as because of her positive attitude and hard work everything is absolutely fine now..this gives patients the strength to recover soon.Thanks and All the best!

Fight against Cancer - Mr. Narayan Kini

Dear Dr, Snita Madam,
For me the battle against cancer was won when I met you in Dec2016. My close friend Prashant recommended Jehangir Hospital when I came to know about the sickness and asked him if he knows any good hospital in Pune  The confidence you gave me and explained the process of treatment made me at ease mentally and then physically.
No doubt about all the service that was given at Jehangir Hospital I, feel your team has given the best effort like a family member making a patient feel at HOME!
I, owe my second innings to You! and I, Pray to GOD for more services from your hands to needy people like me!
Please keep me posted on any new developments and any social activity happening to create awareness among people to fight cancer!
Thanks a Lot once again!
God Bless You!

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