Best Gynaecologic Cancer specialist in Pune

In the event that your doctor diagnoses you with gynecologic cancer, request a referral to a gynecologic oncologist, a medical professional specially trained to treat cancers of the female reproductive system. You and this doctor will collaborate to develop a treatment strategy.  Dr Snita Sinukumar is Best Gynaecologic Cancer specialist in Pune.

Types of Treatment

Treatment options for gynecologic malignancies are varied. Depending on the cancer’s type and the extent of its spread. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are all potential treatments. Treatment options for women with gynecologic cancer vary frequently. Dr Snita Sinukumar is Best Gynaecologic Cancer specialist in pune. Book your appointment now

During surgery, medical professionals remove cancerous tissue.

Chemotherapy: The use of specialised medications to weaken or eradicate the

Malignancy. The drugs may come in the form of oral pills, intravenous injections, or perhaps even both.

Radiation: The killing of cancer with high-energy, X-ray-like rays.

Various doctors on your medical team might administer various treatments.

Doctors with special training in treating tumours of the female reproductive system are known as gynecologic oncologists. Dr Snita Sinukumar is the Best Gynaecologic Cancer specialist in pune .

Those who do procedures are known as surgeons.

Medical doctors called oncologists utilise medication to treat cancer.

Medical specialists known as radiation oncologists utilise radiation to treat cancer.