Stoma Care

Colostomy: What is being done ?

  • There is a disease in your Intestine which needs to be removed along with a part of the intestine.
  • A small loop of intestine will be brought out through the abdomen which may be temporary / permanent depending on the site of disease

How will it look?

  • There is no voluntary over this opening you will have to wear a pouch to collect the stool
  • No one will be able to tell that you have the bag unless YOU tell them

Caring for your stoma

  • Empty your pouch when it is one – third to half full.
  • Change your pouch on a routine basis, before it leaks (Seven days is the maximum recommended life of a bag)
  • Avoid creams as they reduce the sticking of the bag.
  • Rinse your skin with water, and dry it completely before you apply the new pouch.
  • After you apply your skin barrier, hold it against your body for 30 – 60 seconds – the pressure and warmth will help activate the adhesive.
  • Use a night drainage system (or get up regularly during the night to empty your pouch)

Take care of your stoma and it will take care of you !!!

It is very important for the skin around the stoma to be.

  • Healthy
  • Free of irritation
  • Look just like the skin elsewhere on your abdomen

To prevent skin irritation

  • Use a skin barrier
  • Pouch that fit properly
  • Look carefully at your peristomal skin every time you change the bag.
  • Notify us if you develop swelling, redness, or rash

Steps to Accepting Your Stoma

  • You are not alone. There are thousands of general population.
  • With a stoma you can shower or bathe just like you did before.
  • No need to alter your fluid intake, but we advise adequate water.

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